Live paperfree.
Index your life with the 
financial documents super-app. 
All your:
- bank & card statements
- monthly recurring bills
- shopping receipts
- flight, hotel, taxi receipts
- insurance policies
- payslips & tax filings
- investment statements
- credit score reports
- KYC documents
In one place. Mobile. All connected. Effortlessly. Free.
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Our basic promise: 
privacy by design

Podd fetches only your merchant-sent PDFs from your Gmail and drops them on your device and Google Drive. 

Neatly categorised into folders. Just two clicks to any PDF.


Privacy guaranteed by design. Your PDFs do not touch our servers.

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Security and Privacy

Bank-grade security guaranteed

All sensitive customer data is encrypted using AES-256 ciphers in storage and TLS 256 bit encryption in transit.

No Data Retention

No Gmail data is retained on our servers after a Podd user deletes their account. 

Read-only access

Podd app is unable to execute transactions or send messages. Podd simply pulls your PDFs. 


Your data is not passed on to third parties or used without your explicit consent. 

Strict Internal controls

None of your Gmail PDFs touch Podd servers - these are pulled to your device only, so no-one at Podd can see them. 

Multi-factor Authentication

Access to the Podd app is after user PIN or Touch ID.

The Team

Anand Krishna



  • Anand Krishna

Kumar Siddhartha


  • Kumar Siddhartha